Saturday, May 08, 2004

Please be gentle with me I'm hungover today, my heartbroken friends and I went to see Franz Ferdinand last night at the Coronet. It was very very good apart from having the worst bar staff in the world at the venue.
Short and sweet then...........

Demolished Man-Crodle Freak

I know very little about this track other than its been around for a few years I think it came out around 2002. I have a feeling it is the alter ego of this guy, but I have nothing to back this up. Anyone want to shed a little light? Anyway its a really nice electro tune, enjoy.

The Invitations-What's Wrong With Me Baby

A Northern Soul gem, this was first released in 1965 on Stateside records, discography here and was later re-issued on Mojo in 1972 to cater for the Northern Soul collectors that had cropped up in recent years. If your lucky to find the original its worth about £50-not as much as some other Northern Soul records but still pretty good for those little 7".

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Anyone for a late dinner? Stuff yourself

No post yesterday, so extra chunky today.

Elephant Man-Dat Can't Gwaan (Ching Chong Riddim)

At the request of the lovely people at zero-g there's a triple bill of Dancehall goodness today. This track is just irresistible, I can't stop listening to it. I love the combination of rough beats, sneaky melodies, raw vocals and the socio-political subject matter. This kind of dancehall has almost certainly had an influence on the grime/eski scene in the UK. Elephant Man earned his nickname as a child because he had rather large ears. He attended the same school as Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killer with whom he was in a group called Scare Dem Crew at the early stages of his career. Elephant man is now on Atlantic records and you can listen to his new single 'Jook Girl' on his website.

Sean Paul-Bounce It Right There (Blackout Riddim)

No need to introduce this man, and hardly need to introduce the track either considering the buzz surrounding it. Well, well, well I wonder what he could possibly want to bounce? and where exactly?

Vybz Kartel-Tek Buddy Gyal (Tunda Clap Riddim)

Smoother than the Elephant Man and Sean Paul tracks, and more hip-hop influenced. 'Tek Buddy Gyal' has a slick riddim with a kind of squelchy clap beat. Vybz Kartel is on the well respected and worth investigating Greensleeves label where you can also directly pick up some classics from the likes of Dr. Alimantado and Augustus Pablo(great biog)

mm Puuudding
(anyone a Spaced fan?)

The Infadels-Can't Get Enough

My new favourite band and this is just one single, I've heard the album and it gets even better. People will call the the British Rapture, but Bnann's (yes, that's right) voice is much less grating than Jenner's. Logo have already compared them to Electric 6, but their songs are less 'wham bam thank-you mam' than that, less novelty. Live they are brilliant, energetic and fun, I recommend you go and see them if you can. They play London regularly and I believe they're doing some French festivals, dates and info from their website. Come to think of it they do sometimes sound like LCD Soundsystem.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without these movies once you see what's on offer at The Video Beat. Titles such as Juvenile Jungle and the The Beatniks look like excellent B-movie trash. The website gives honest descriptions and uses phrases such as "totally flipso" and "loco-weed" which make it even more enjoyable.

Find some laidback French Electronica at Doxa

The English National Opera will be performing at this year's Glastonbury, interesting choice. I can imagine it being quite nice under the right circumstance, late on a summers evening wandering in a field........possibly under the influence.....hearing a faraway opera....ah, but I digress, pah! it'll probably be nothing like that.

Go and download some Kaiser Chiefs

For some independent UK indie, electro and punk have a trawl through Evil Distro

"So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you"

Artist?, designer?, composer?, whatever go here

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


This is one of those records that whenever I would play it at a club night I used to do, someone without fail would always ask what it was. It's hypnotic and is an example of how a sample should be used. Givin up' is pop for the dreamy and sophisticated. Released in 2000 on the now defunct PPQ/Gusto, it was made by the people who used to put on a club night called Happiness Stan's, anyone remember that? Hairy Diamond hasn't done much since apart from a single in February 2003 titled 'Torture'. Givin' up is available on several compilations including a cheesy Ibiza chillout boxset, which for all its sins has some very good stuff on and Dope on Plastic 8.

DAT Politics-Si

After 2 years of touring DAT Politics return with their fifth album Go Pets Go, set for release in the UK in June via Chicks on Speed records. When I first put the album on I thought that really it should be unlistenable with some ridiculous bleeps and noises, but it manages to drawn you in with the quirky sounds and naive melodies. This track is like a crazed electronic lullaby and the whispered French lyrics are always something I seem to fall for. You can download some of their earlier stuff for free on Epitonic

Check Word in the Alleys, a new mp3 blog with a slant toward indie.

Thanks to Chromewaves, Flux, Said the Gramophone, Enthusiastic but Mediocre, Blahblog and Sleeve notes for the links.

Monday, May 03, 2004

At the end of the rainbow there's a pot of gold

The Pleased-Orange Peter

If you like The Walkmen and Ima Robot you'll probably take to this. This first appeared on a demo the band recorded in April 2002, it was also on their self released 'One Piece from the Middle' double EP later that year and finally became a track on Don't Make Things released in November 2003. They gradually building up a decent following so expect to hear more of them if you haven't already.

The Premier Quartet-Blue Jean

In the early part of the 20th century The Premier Quartet consisted of several different line-ups as it was just a monkier used by Edison records to record popular quartets. Victor records also did this and called theirs The American Quartet. Edison have released several compilations including one of foxtrots, perfect for those evenings when you feel like dressing up and sweeping someone off their feet. Get out your gramophone.

You must all give me a slap on the wrists for my spelling mistake that I sadly failed to notice, as I am a useless bumf. All my 78's are scratched because I was trying to use a gramaphone instead of a gramophone.

Check out Blog Ishib which is a music/mp3 blog mainly in Japanese, but a bit in English too. There is currently a 35 minute mix by Colleen of some stuff from the Leaf Label and other tunes, some of it's really quite beautiful.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Continuing on from come Green and Purple, the rainbow will be complete tomorrow.

The Ventures-Green Onions

The surf rock version of the classic. This isn't as funk filled as Booker T's, but then it isn't meant to be. Its the kind of music I imagine being played in a 60's bar full of men with floppy hair and skinny trousers. The Ventures were particularly famous for 'Hawaii Five-O' and went on to record albums of instrumental covers which were popular in the US until the 70's. However they found greater sucess overseas and sold over 40 Million records in Japan. They also produced an album of 'TV Themes' which was collected with Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures worth picking up if you like 60's pop.

For Purple I had to give in and post Two.....
Sheb Wooley-Purple People Eater
From Strawberry Shortcake-The Peculiar Purple Pieman

Right, they're both novelty but I couldn't resist them. Any song that has the lyrics "playing Rock'n'Roll music outta the hole in his head" is alright by me, although I'm not sure why. Sheb Wooley died in September last year a few days after attending a memorial service for his friend Johnny Cash. 'The Purple People Eater' was a number One in the US for Six weeks in 1958 and sold 3 Million. A real life cowboy Wooley also acted and appeared in 'High Noon' and 'Rawhide'. You can find out more about him on his website, Sheb's voice greets you with "This is Sheb Wooley and I wanna welcome ya, so move your mouths and come on in the house" whatever that means he's got me charmed. The Strawberry Shortcake thing is more dialog than music but it's worth it for the crazy skat type beat intro the Peculiar one does for himself about half way through, dying to be sampled. It's from the soundtrack to the movie The Wonderful World of Strawberry Shortcake

"Its your only spiritual condition, where heart and soul they cross the bill"

Ok, I'm going to try this out and it may become a weekly competition of sorts. You must identify the quote above, this week I will tell you it is a song lyric, but in future it could be anything from a movie quote to books, comics, famous people-whatever. So how it works is the first person to leave me a comment with the answer; song title and band/artist, gets an extra Mp3 tailored to your tastes. I'll take down some details of the kind of thing you want and search my vaults for something suitable and send it to you by e-mail. I don't think you will be able to google these answers, and thats how I'd like it. There may also be a bonus monthly competition which invloves a mixed CD, but lets just take it one step at a time for the moment. I would really love some comments to find out if people are clicking and actually enjoying the stuff or hating it, either way, would be nice to get some feedback.

Currently shooting is Yemen's first ever feature film for international cinema A New Day in Old Sana'a, should be interesting to see how it turns out.

I highly recommend you download the PDF magazine Into the Storm contributions from Moondog, a really good article by Kevin Braddock on music and Mp3s, and great illustration.

I have just bought myself one of these. Endless fun with all my neighbours to be had.