Sunday, May 02, 2004

Continuing on from come Green and Purple, the rainbow will be complete tomorrow.

The Ventures-Green Onions

The surf rock version of the classic. This isn't as funk filled as Booker T's, but then it isn't meant to be. Its the kind of music I imagine being played in a 60's bar full of men with floppy hair and skinny trousers. The Ventures were particularly famous for 'Hawaii Five-O' and went on to record albums of instrumental covers which were popular in the US until the 70's. However they found greater sucess overseas and sold over 40 Million records in Japan. They also produced an album of 'TV Themes' which was collected with Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures worth picking up if you like 60's pop.

For Purple I had to give in and post Two.....
Sheb Wooley-Purple People Eater
From Strawberry Shortcake-The Peculiar Purple Pieman

Right, they're both novelty but I couldn't resist them. Any song that has the lyrics "playing Rock'n'Roll music outta the hole in his head" is alright by me, although I'm not sure why. Sheb Wooley died in September last year a few days after attending a memorial service for his friend Johnny Cash. 'The Purple People Eater' was a number One in the US for Six weeks in 1958 and sold 3 Million. A real life cowboy Wooley also acted and appeared in 'High Noon' and 'Rawhide'. You can find out more about him on his website, Sheb's voice greets you with "This is Sheb Wooley and I wanna welcome ya, so move your mouths and come on in the house" whatever that means he's got me charmed. The Strawberry Shortcake thing is more dialog than music but it's worth it for the crazy skat type beat intro the Peculiar one does for himself about half way through, dying to be sampled. It's from the soundtrack to the movie The Wonderful World of Strawberry Shortcake

"Its your only spiritual condition, where heart and soul they cross the bill"

Ok, I'm going to try this out and it may become a weekly competition of sorts. You must identify the quote above, this week I will tell you it is a song lyric, but in future it could be anything from a movie quote to books, comics, famous people-whatever. So how it works is the first person to leave me a comment with the answer; song title and band/artist, gets an extra Mp3 tailored to your tastes. I'll take down some details of the kind of thing you want and search my vaults for something suitable and send it to you by e-mail. I don't think you will be able to google these answers, and thats how I'd like it. There may also be a bonus monthly competition which invloves a mixed CD, but lets just take it one step at a time for the moment. I would really love some comments to find out if people are clicking and actually enjoying the stuff or hating it, either way, would be nice to get some feedback.

Currently shooting is Yemen's first ever feature film for international cinema A New Day in Old Sana'a, should be interesting to see how it turns out.

I highly recommend you download the PDF magazine Into the Storm contributions from Moondog, a really good article by Kevin Braddock on music and Mp3s, and great illustration.

I have just bought myself one of these. Endless fun with all my neighbours to be had.