Thursday, April 29, 2004

Here I will attempt to post music that some people might not have come across, if you find something you like I do encourage you to seek out and purchase more of the same where possible. I'll also probably put some comments in about other things along the way....hope you enjoy.

And for my first post, two quite different selections here. I'm not usually a fan of mash-ups/bootlegs, although when they work it can be excellent step forward London Booted which you have probably already checked out. But in my opinion there's too many, which makes it more difficult to seek out the good ones. Here's a new one though I think it's pretty much done as a collaboration between the two artists so it doesn't really constitute 'bootleg'. It appears on the single release of The Streets-Fit But You Know It

Futureheads Vs The Streets-Fit But You Know It

Next from a recent selection of dancehall 7"s I picked up, I don't actually know how recent this song is, but having gone to some warehouse parties in London lately and hearing some pretty decent dancehall sets I decided to have a dig. This is the most listend to of that haul

Sizzla-Come On (Mexican Riddim)


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