Saturday, May 01, 2004

Today starts a collection of songs with the colours of the rainbow in the title so we start with Red, Yellow and Pink.

Devendra Banhart-The Red Lagoon

Devendra Banhart has a very distinctive voice, this is from his 2002 album Oh Me Oh My . Frankly I think he is quite quite mad, but then that is often so close to brilliance and yes he certainly comes close. This is what he said about this track on the Young God Records website

"Song number Twelve: The Red Lagoon: Whistle while you work,hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nnnooowwwwwww, snake shall not row the boat ashore, shall not, it is blind"

Hmmm, make sure you check out his other stuff if you like this especially the recent Rejoicing in the Hands

The Music Machine-Double Yellow Line

Led by Sean Bonniwell The Music Machine had a hit with 'Talk Talk' in 1966, unfortunatly after that they became somewhat overlooked and didn't really have another chart sucess. Part of the pyschedelic garage scene that was going on at the time, The Music Machine were dark (they sported one black glove, black clothes and dyed black hair) and passionate. After various line-up changes Bonniwell went on to produce and write many of the records himself under 'Bonniwells Music Machine'. He has also written an autobiography called after one of his albums 'Beyond the Garage' I haven't read it but if you can find it I'm sure it'd be an interesting read. I have just found out that Bonniwell is a devout Christian and is considered by some as an original 'Christian Rocker'. But either way I just listen to the music and enjoy it. This track is a good example of Bonniwells stunning voice and is available along with other great songs on Turn on-The Best of The Music Machine and you can buy even more stuff here

The Faries Band-Pink Socks Rock

Ok, it's a terrible name for a band, but this is a nice little early eighties sounding jerk punk in the vain of The Waitresses. This was released on an compilation album called 'The New Cross' at the end of last year by Angular Records, which collected artists and bands together who live/work in or around London's south of the river New Cross. It also included the excellent Bloc Party and Art Brut. The compilation is pretty hard to find as it was only limited but I recommend you pick one up if you can. It's only a small slice of the Uk's exciting and ever growing underground scene (more in future posts) but well worth the hunt.

I went to see Eternal Sunshine last night, which has just come out here in the UK, and I think it's amazing, everyone should see it, I can't even begin to explain all the reasons why. Last week I had the pleasure of drinking and chatting with both Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry who were here promoting it. Kaufman's a funny quiet little man who seems very astute and takes things in, Gondry is energetic, and full of creativity, you can really see how they compliment each other. Michel is really very charming, he loves things like codes and funny little games. So again you must see the film.

I love comics and Forlorn Funnies is one of my favourites check out the history section for some samples of the comics, its by Paul Hornshemeier and the collected version titled 'Mother Come Home' has been nominated five times by Eisner awards. Beautifully drawn and touching, it has made me want to wear a lion mask and cape everywhere.

Also hello to the readers of the excellent large hearted boy, hope you like whats going on. Thanks for the mention you boy with the large heart.