Saturday, May 22, 2004

Kid Alex-Young Love

For me this has the same appeal as Phoenix's If I Ever Feel Better, a song that you and your messy friends can dance joyously around and forget yourselves to. Kid Alex is from Germany and has a deal with Universal, he has a German language website which has some videos you can watch here. Admittedly when this first came through my letterbox about a year and a bit ago, I have to admit I was lured in by it's bright Pink cover and White vinyl, but I'm just a sucker for a nice gimmick. It turned out however to be quite a nice little record that I rocked for a lot of the summer and seeing as summer's really nearly almost hopefully upon us it seemed an appropriate gesture to post it. You can buy his album Colorz, if you're liking this.

I'm currently in two minds about the fact that I am being made to go to Ibiza next weekend and watch a 12 hour fashion marathon thing, I mean 12 hours, surely they must be mad? frankly I don't know what to expect. But on the other hand if they ever let me out I might be able to catch a little sun and sea-maybe.

Wha? huh? What do mean? Ice-T and Hassle the Hoff

Monday, May 17, 2004

Ando Drom-Sza Tele Zsav

I've been listening to a lot of traditional folk music recently and particularly Eastern European. The lyrics don't matter that much when I'm listening to it, mostly because I can't understand them but partly because the music is emotive enough, and the vocals themselves stand alone. Layers of voices and instruments create a beautiful sound, do you notice me getting a little over-romantic about this? Well that’s how it makes me feel. The range of voices make a spectrum of sounds and the bass is created by voice alone. Ando Drom are from Hungary and really only perform for the gypsy community, they came from a foundation also called Ando Drom that collaborates with the Rom parliament to nurture the talent of Hungarian gypsies. This track is available on this album and also this compilation that's definitely worth picking up if you want to dip into the genre.

Tom Ze-Todos os Olhos

Tom Ze is a Brazilian legend, you only have to check out his vast back catalogue to see that he has had a significant influence on Brazilian music in general. He is credited with creating 'Tropicalia' and was championed by David Byrne who made him successful outside of Brazil. Again, on this track it's all about the voice, although the bass is pure joy, Ze yelps and barks like an upbeat Tom Waits, and then it gets to the pop sounding chorus, this man's a genius. Worth investigating is Massive hits a collection of his 70's stuff, this recording from 1973 is a good example of that style.

Friday's post got me thinking after I outed myself as a Bette Davis Eyes lover, what is your guilty pleasure? What one song or album are you ashamed of owning, but, and this has to be a factor, would still listen to? Don't be shy, leave a comment, especially if you're a fellow blogger and rejoice in unified embarrassment. I might try and put together the ultimate list or post Mp3's over a couple of days.

Aaaargghhh what is up with blogger, on the whole it seemed the transition to the new format went well, so why do some of my perfectly valid sidebar links keep coming up not found, I've tried changing it to no avail how frustrating, apologies to Flux, as that seems to be the only one that's having problems now, but it's a mystery to me why?????