Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mud glorious mud....yeah right

Alright so I can't be bothered to talk much about Glastonbury, highlights include The Golden Virgins, wonderful performance from Scissor Sisters, The Concretes, a crazed 80's Matchbox, an anthemic Franz Ferdinand and the man Toots did not fail to deliver. He's almost Sixty and he was so full of energy, truly one of the best performances I've seen in a long time honestly I almost cried. Disappointments were a dull and complacent Morrissey and a badly timed Rapture. So to today's music...

The Golden Virgins-I Am A Camera

I remember Matthew over at Fluxblog posting a track from the Golden Virgins a few months ago and he mentioned that they would probably be "lumped in with New Rock Revolution bands....if this was around in 1994, it would have blended right in". He was spot on with that track and the Stereolab references, but I think this track shows there's more to them than that and that they might be able to move away from the 1994 thing. They're getting more and more support and hopefully they'll become one of those great word of mouth things that just grows and grows, so here's my two bob. It also fits in with my love of all things North-Eastern (the North East of England that is) as the boys are from Sunderland, also home of another one of my faves who you will surely know if you read regularly The Futureheads. Buy the debut album here.

I'm going to get myself some beautiful screen printed band posters at Aesthetic Apparatus found via the ever lovely Pop77

Budding musicians and remixers can get involved in this project Obey Signal

I've spent too much time cooking in my own flat, like me you should see what's going down at Notes from a Different Kitchen a well written music/political blog that manages to keep it entertaining.

Joy Zipper's new single Out of the Sun is out now, watch the great video here