Thursday, May 27, 2004

I had totally intended to update before I went away this weekend but I just haven't had time, so my musings on various subjects will have to wait until I return from that isle beloved of the Venga Boys, please help..........Arrrrrrgggggghhhh. Anyway for those in the UK have a good bank holiday weekend and everyone else enjoy.

Monday, May 24, 2004

All three offerings today coincidentally ended up having a link to the Scissor Sisters; Loose Cannons supported them on their recent UK tour, Hot Chip have remixed 'Take Your Mama' and the Pink Grease track has a similar sound.

The Loose Cannons-I Like It When Ya (Jungle Brothers Remix)

The Loose Cannons look like they could be the next Basement Jaxx, they're already being touted as the dance act to watch at this year's festivals. This is the Jungle Brothers remix of their next single out on the 28th of June. The last six or seven years of Jungle Brother's stuff has totally disinterested me, and it always seems that when they're on someone else's track they do a better job of it. This remix is a straight up party hip-pop song, the brothers get dirty over fun beats and it works, the original is a treat too. The Loose Cannons should definitely come up with the goods on their debut album released later this summer.

Hot Chip-Bad Luck

Hot Chip have so many things going on in their sound it's difficult to pinpoint them, but throwing it all together works really well for them in the same way that it did for the Bees on their debut. From Coming On Strong, Bad Luck is a menacing melodic song of hate and disgust, click the above link to buy the album.

Pink Grease- Pink G. R Ease

This lot of Rock'n'Roll monkeys have a reputation for manic live shows and they describe themselves as 'Neo glam rock meets sleazy rap and attacks of electronica', well there's elements of Bowie, plenty of attitude and a tune you can dance to, hmmmm sounds about right then. This is the second single from their forthcoming debut and is released a week before This is For Real which is out on 21st June in the UK. I have yet to find out if the title of the album is a tribute to Richey Manic. Pink Grease are from Sheffield and are on the Mute label.

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