Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I Know I've missed some out but we'll come back to them I promise...Sweden

Looptroop-The Struggle Continues

I bumped into Hives lead singer Pele today in a supermarket, they're over here doing some promo for the new stuff, a very nice gentleman he was too. It just so happens that Looptroop are label mates of the Hives, both are on Burning Heart in Sweden. I first heard of Looptroop around 98-99 and picked up a couple of 12"s they put out which I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn't pick up on the fact they were Swedish for quite a while though, heir Swedish-American drawl could completely fool some but if you know you can pick it out. Anyway I went to see them around 2000 when I was studying, the place was empty, I guess no-one really knew who they were, my friend and I got blind drunk and took over the dance floor. From what I remember they were great, the whole thing was great-I'm pretty sure it wasn't just the alcohol. However, I also did something pretty embarrassing, Looptroop, you see look like this, the guy with the dreads and long beard is called Promoe and I think I pissed him right off by yanking at his beard hard a couple of times-the thing is I was so drunk I thought it was fake, so that is why I probably won't go and see Looptroop again. You should, just don't tug on any beards. I really like Looptroop's attitude they've been going for a good few years now and have gained a following touring the world, you get the impression these guys work hard and they've got 'in it for the music' written all over them. You can buy the album this is taken from here. Promoe has also released solo stuff pick it up at Wu-Tal.


ADHD ft Spike-Beng Je Hoofd

More European Hip-hop this time in the mother tongue, but with this track it's all about the beats. The title translates as 'Bang Your Head' and you probably will be, it's based around heavy guitar riffs that make you almost want to stomp your feet as yell as banging your head though I'd imagine you'd look pretty silly. When I was looking for info on the guy/band I came across this totally unrelated to the guys that did this but it is interesting and involves hip hop. I don't really know much else about them other than this song appears to be available as a polyphonic ring tone just about everywhere in Europe. And no, I'm not counting that as a plus point.



Notorious Russians are two words that just sound so right together. Anyway this lot are notorious in Russia at least for outraging people with their lyrics, which unless you speak Russian are lost. But the lead singer is like an even more crazed Tom Waits, growling and gurning at the same time. I really like bizarre music like this mainly because I don't understand it so it maintains its mystery. You can buy the album For Millions.


The Long Blondes-Long Blonde

Elastica meets Franz Ferdinand? yeah maybe. The Long Blondes are another band out of the Angular Records camp, whose compilation is out now-buy it!. They are pretty catchy and sneaking up on the music scene poised to take it by storm-hopefully.

Before I go I must mention the lovely and wonderful people at Heavy who have been sprinkling their Sumosonic compilation magic all over the place including me. I'm sure you've heard about it on other blogs by now, but here's a little reminder, join up and receive one every month. They really are well thought out comps including tracks from Hot Chip, Bloc Party, Sixtoo and a multitude of other great acts every month. Sometimes they even include a DVD, you want more? You're sick.

Right I've got to get some sleep off to Glastonbury tomorrow, back next week. To anyone going please help me pray it doesn't turn into a mud bath.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Just some link action today as no time for the music....

I'm cheap at Blogshares, fantasy shares of nevercamehome are $2.30 each, but set up a portfolio and you can buy into other blogs far more worthy of your Monoply cash.

Music activism at Downhill Battle.

Comics and animation are two of my favorite things check out Fawk, a blog on both. It also includes work by the guys who write it.

You must know that "Life's too short for guitar solos" right?

yeeee the geek in me is satisfied yet again at Boombox Museum.

Get yourselves some Sons & Dauhgters at MP3 blog Vaugue Space.

Why not go to a Cock Rock Disco?

Also I fixed the dead link to the Gainsbourg track from yesterday.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Extra chunk......

The Observer Music Monthly, written by a bunch of people who think they care about music but really just think they're cool for writing about it and spend their whole time making definitive lists, like living inside 'High Fidelity' world is the only way to appreciate music but hey! I still read it-oh well. Plus I like my own little lists but they do not a magazine make. So anyway, this month they have 'The 100 Greatest British Albums' The Definitive Poll they asked a 'distinguished' panel to supply a list of their 10 greatest British albums you can see the list here. What do you think is missing?

Euro 2004 MP3 round up..... If you don't know how it works I basically post tracks from artists or labels from the countries that won the days matches or in the instance of a draw from both countries. I'll probably make the commentaries pretty short as there's a lot to catch up on.

England beat Switzerland 3-0

Tinchy Strider-Move

This guy's been described as a mini Dizzee Rascal and he has already won Best Newcomer at then Sidewinder UK Garage awards. Strider is part of the East end's Ruff Sqwad although there seems to be quite a lot of speculation over that. He's pretty young at 17 and has already appeared on the MC remix of The Streets 'Fit But You Know It' single. This track is I believe produced by Rapid and Begg.

Croatia drew with France on Thursday

The Bambi Molesters-Chaotica

This is like music from a David Lynch movie, atmospheric and emotive. The Bambi Molesters, have been likened to Man or Astroman?. They are signed to Dancing Bear in Croatia from which you can buy more of their stuff.


Gainsbourg, Birkin and Dutronc-Les Petits Papiers

Classic sexy combination, three greats of French pop (although the lovable Birkin is English) together and it's perfect. Gainsbourg was so prolific you can't help but have heard at least one of his songs even if it is only the infamous Je T'aime Moi Non Plus. You can visit his official site here and if you don't own anything you can purchase an anthology here. Birkin has an official site as does Jacques Dutronc. Again, if you don't own any Birkin check out the landmark collaboration with Gainsbourg.

On Friday Denmark beat Bulgaria 2-0

Teitur-Let's Go Dancing

Teitur reminds me of the lovely Kings of Convenience, he hails from Denmark's Faroe Islands and is signed to Universal there. Quiet and beautiful Teitur's voice drips over his lush melodies; I just wrote that as though I was one of those slack OMM journalists that constantly use words like 'lush' which I hate. It's nice. Buy his album Poetry & Aeroplanes.

Also on Friday Sweden drew with Italy 1-1.

Melody Club-Electric

Melody Club are massive in Sweden, their album has gone gold there. True successors to Duran Duran's crown Melody Club are fun synth pop with infectious choruses. There is definitely a great resurgence of sophisticated yet fun pop a la Scissor Sisters at the moment which is a great antidote to ironic 'we think we're funny' covers bands like the Darkness. You can buy their album 'Music Machine' here


Krisma-Many Kisses

This male/female duo hail from Milan came together in 1976 as Chrisma but changed it Krisma a year later. They lived and worked in London in the late 70's and absorbed the punk scene fusing it with electro disco creating the kind of music that made the NME call them the true inventors of post-punk, electro pop and new wave. Now, I think that's going a bit far but still they were certainly influential and ahead of their time. A good biography can be found here. A good place to start with them would be a compilation they chose called S.H.A.D.O Electro which includes this song alongside more by Krisma and other artists.

Germany failed to beat Latvia in a 0-0 draw.

DAF-Verschwende Deine Jugend

HA! Brilliant the title translates as Waste Your Youth, and you could spend a good couple of minutes trashing stuff to this industrial electro. It's brilliant; big, infectious and full of punk attitude I become like a modern day whirling dirvish manically dancing round my room when I listen to it. This was released on the Mute label in 1981 and comes from the album Gold und Liebe.

Latvia, Portugal, Russia and more from the Czech republic, France and England coming up......