Thursday, June 10, 2004

Laurie Anderson-O Superman

You will probably have come across Laurie Anderson at some point and one of her many creative outputs. This 1981 release got to number 2 in the UK, which was a bit of a shock to most of the industry, still us Brits seem to like a bit of doom and grit in music. The backing track is as minimal as they get; Anderson's voice saying 'ah' looped over and little else. It's weird how this song made me feel different things the first few times I listened to it, at first I was laughing because it seems almost ridiculous, then I was amazed because its a really clever, fresh piece of music, and then it made me a bit frightened and it all got a little apocalyptic. The journalist Garry Mulholland has written a fantastic and spot on commentary of it in his brilliant book This Is Uncool: The 500 Greatest Singles Since Punk and Disco which, if you haven't already picked up a copy is a must, just read the reader views on Amazon.

Laurie Anderson-Night in Baghdad

Laurie's style has developed and changed a little over the years and this is from her 1994 release 'Big Red'. This song kind of has me mesmerised, again there's a touch of the silly but also an eerie darkness that hints at mortality and human conflict. Anderson once performed by playing her violin (I don't think either of these songs contain violin) and standing on a block of ice in ice skates, she played until the ice melted. You can buy lots more of her music from Amazon. Read a Wired interview with Laurie here.

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Well you could always have a guess.

This is complete madness look at the articles Sex at the speed of light and Quantum Sexual Physics,they cannot be serious....can they?

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"I was pronounced dead once and actually saw the light. I find it very hard to talk about, actually, because it sounds so corny."Elizabeth Taylor and other Star's near death experiences, at least Taylor realises the cheese factor involved in revealing her story.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Jamaicans-Ba Ba Boom
(also known as 'Ba Ba Boom Time')

This glorious piece of rocksteady is from 1967 on Duke Reid's now infamous Treasure Isle record label. Duke Reid was right there at the beginning when Jamaican music was developing and he was a huge influence for many years on the Jamaican scene. Starting out from his wife's corner shop Reid began a sound system which due to the size gave him the nickname 'The Trojan' hence the label that later took it's moniker from him when Treasure Isle tracks were licensed by them. At first he was known for playing R 'n' B on a radio show, but as the Jamaican music scene began to grow into something with its own legs, Reid began producing local talent, the rest as they say is actually an incredibly long and dense history so I won't begin to try and cover it. I've yet to find a really good resource for reggae on the web so if anyone knows of any please let me know but I have found this fairly decent site relating to Reid. I found this track on a great compilation record that I bought really cheaply in Amsterdam a couple of years ago-it's the original Jamaican pressing too, it's not available anymore but there's some great Treasure Isle compilations you can still buy.

In Monday's post I mentioned that you should try and check out One Lady Owner and My Computer, well over at Fluxblog they have the My Computer track Vulnerabilia posted just yesterday so get over there and have a listen.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Why is it that I find myself interested in these human guinea pigs every year? Even more frightening however is the prospect that a few more weeks into this Orwellian nightmare I might begin to like one or more of the players and start sympathising with them. Will they all find out that Nadia's a transsexual? Will Stuart and Michelle have sex? Who cares? Sadly-me, I am a geek, but you already knew that. So on that note some anti Big Brother style music by a political five-piece from Bristol,UK. Big Joan have been described as Gang of Four meets the Slits at a DJ Hype gig which I think goes some way to describing this track Removed, but I also think they have potential to be a female fronted Les Savy Fav which is a good thing. You can buy the single "Tiger" and their album here and you can also read a very enthusiastic review here

Nylon Pylon are from Manchester they released this single Removed in February of 2003, but little has been heard of them since. Their official site no longer works and I can find no news of recent activity. The single was remixed by Playgroup and Jon Carter, the Playgroup version being the better of the two. Back last year Nylon Pylon were dubbed 'next best thing' by many in the know around Manchester but it just never seemed to kick off. They link to another sadly overlooked band from the city through underrated One Lady Owner who were at on time signed to creation records. Chesy of My Computer (whose website is also down but you can visit their label 13amp), and Bo of Nylon Pylon used to be in One Lady Owner. All of these bands are worth seeking out and I may post some here at a later date. You can purchase this Nylon Pylon single with the remixes here

Hope its not too confusing that the tracks in the text.