Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Michael J. Sheehy-Love Me

Growing up and going to school in Camden, London in the 90's nights were often spent in dingy smoky clubs and pubs pretending to be aloof and perfecting silly indie dance moves. It was after all the centre of the "Britpop" explosion (well in the media's eyes anyway) we would frequent gigs at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town and watch elder sister's bands aspiring to be The Breeders. Michael was also a regular at the B & G, he would often play gigs and got together a band Dream City Film Club who had a brief dalliance with 'next big thing' status. In fact both Michael and Dream City Film Club released a couple of albums on Beggars Banquet but unfortunately they didn't amount to much. On listening to this again after a couple of years not hearing it the song is a little dated but I still really enjoy it and on a personal level I know who it's about and the story surrounding it so I suppose that helps to secure my affection. Love Me is reminiscent of the Tindersticks which will know if you read the blog regularly is a rather good thing. Download more of Michael's music at Epitonic and buy his stuff here

Monday, August 23, 2004

Today's Post in Two Parts

Part 1

Unrelated music

Cathy Davey-Clean and Neat

As there are so many Mp3 blogs out there now, I'm really not sure if this might have been posted by someone else, obviously I had a look but didn't see her crop up anywhere-but you know I can miss these things so apologies if I'm lapsing. Cathy Davey is an Irish singer back...............She's not armed with Dido lyrical angst muddle guns or Norah Jones keys of slow dull death, she's sprightly and sweet. A bit of folk under one arm whilst strumming some girly Britpop with the other Davey's sugary sweet vocals complete a catchy indie pop number that pleases with it's joyous simplicity. Buy single and the album here (price in Euros).

Gold Chains & Sue Cie-California Nites

This song is the kind of thing I thought Gold Chains was always aspiring to be but never quite got there. On his forthcoming album When the World Was Our Friend from which this is taken, he has collaborated with singer/producer Sue Cie. It works fair to good for the most part and the album is a grower but aside from this track I was still left feeling a bit unsatisfied and wanting to change little bits of the songs that would make them that much better. The album is released in October on the ever productive Kitty-Yo.

Part 2

Tragedy in Songs Chapter 1

Jimmy Cross-I Want My Baby Back

I've decided to do some occasional posts on tragedy in songs, so here's part one. Really this song is pretty humorous but it definitely teeters on the edge of insanity. The bereaved Jimmy talks most of the way through and finishes the song, have to listen to it to find that out. A true morbid tragedy rock 'n' roll classic.

...End Chapter

Go to the culture jammer's encyclopaedia, lot's to explore and the musical spoofing page is particularly entertaining

August bank holiday is always an excuse for people in the UK to get wreaked and completely over do it, to be honest I doubt it'll be any different for me what with friends birthday celebrations and the high possibility of attending the Cross Central festival.

Considering using Adwise through blogger but
a) I probably don't get enough hits for it to be worth it
b) Of the the people that do read my blog really I can't see many of them clicking ads.
c) Would I then be 'selling out'?
d) Not really likely the ads would be that relevent
1) I could really do with some cash to help with hosting
2) I could really do with some cash full stop.
Probably not then...