Friday, June 18, 2004

We'll have to play catch up with England, Croatia and France posts over the weekend...

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Yesterdays Portugal post

The No Counts-We've Got Cake

It's certainly not clever but hell it's big. Rock in the dirty sense (so I should really be calling it rawk) The No Counts sound more like they hail from the deep south than Portugal. They have a 'doctrine of mayhem' and are on the appropriately named Sleazey Records where you can find a couple more tracks to download.

Hopefully I'll be posting a track from England later if we manage to fend off the Swiss in the current match.

Artificial taste maker? check out Gnod which recommends music, films, books etc based on you're current tastes. I discovered a few bands I haven't heard of to investigate and the more it's used the bigger the database.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Due to my geekiness I've decided to coincide the blog with Euro 2004, so every day when matches are played I will post songs from artists or labels of the winning country or countries. I intended to start yesterday so today we play catch up with some now and more later when all matches are played. Yesterday the Czech Republic beat Latvia 2-1 and Holland drew with Germany 1-1. In the case of a draw I will post songs from both countries. We start with the Czech Republic....


I can't tell you many facts about Supercroo you can however visit their label's website Mad Drum that has a few other MP3s and some videos to download of Supercroo and other Czech hip-hop artists. Whenever I go abroad i always try and seek out record shops and try and get a taster for some local artists. The problem with picking up hip-hop though is obviously the language barrier, it would be nice to hear exactly what a Czech rapper would rap about, but it's a fun tune. The beats are pretty good, almost electro and full of funk bounciness.

Just realised I have to leave to go out so Germany and Holland will have to wait. Until later....

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As promised..

Mignon-Demons of Love

From the Berlin based label Pale Music this is Mignon, a self proclaimed metal-electro bitch. Pal of Peaches, Mignon's solo effort 'Bad Girl' EP is due out late July and this track is taken from it. When I first went to see Peaches a couple of years ago Mignon was supporting and they did some songs (if you could call them that) together, my God it was awful, I mean really awful I could barely watch the horror unfold, gladly on record, there isn't a trace of the jumbled noise I heard that night. Now, Mignon might have missed the boat with her brand of guitar filled electro spunk, it's not like it hasn't been done before but I reckon she should be given a chance. The more I listen to this track the more I think there could be a lot more to Mignon. Demons of Love comes on with a beat more befitting of a Euro pop trash classic like 'Saturday Night' by Whigfield, but then that's gotta take some balls hasn't it. She has been likened to 'Kate Bush but with more Bush' whether or not that's a good thing is up to you.

The Drowned Surfers-Jaques Cousteau Could Never Get This Close, Aaargh!

The band name says it all really this is spooky underwater surf music at its best. The title of the track is of Godspeed! proportions and in some ways there are comparisons, spoken word samples, post rock riffs, The Drowned Surfers are far more stoner though. The label is the rather ridiculously named Tozitizok Zoundz out of a place called Castricum in The Netherlands.

Today Greece and Spain drew 1-1...

2 By Bukowski-The Entrance

More post-rock this time from Thessaloniki, Greece and the Poeta negralabel. There seems to be a thriving music scene in Greece at the moment although predominantly still dance there's a lot of other music coming out of the Greek streets and an identity is being formed. Radio 1's One World recently did a focus on the Greek scene, which you can find here. This track is from the most recent 2 By Bukowski album 'Drink From the Bastard Grill' which you may purchase here


A bit twee and unashamedly pop I veer between loving and hating this. Nosotrash are on Elefant Records, which has a nice site in English, and they even have a singles 7" club which is on a hiatus at the moment-but still I love those things, there are also lots of MP3's to download. This track hints at St. Etienne and Jane Birkin but doesn't quite deliver that quality, there's also a touch of Belle & Sebastian in there if that's your thing. You can visit the bands website here and buy directly from the label.

Portugal beat Russia, but that's going to wait until tomorrow.