Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Just some link action today as no time for the music....

I'm cheap at Blogshares, fantasy shares of nevercamehome are $2.30 each, but set up a portfolio and you can buy into other blogs far more worthy of your Monoply cash.

Music activism at Downhill Battle.

Comics and animation are two of my favorite things check out Fawk, a blog on both. It also includes work by the guys who write it.

You must know that "Life's too short for guitar solos" right?

yeeee the geek in me is satisfied yet again at Boombox Museum.

Get yourselves some Sons & Dauhgters at MP3 blog Vaugue Space.

Why not go to a Cock Rock Disco?

Also I fixed the dead link to the Gainsbourg track from yesterday.


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