Monday, May 03, 2004

At the end of the rainbow there's a pot of gold

The Pleased-Orange Peter

If you like The Walkmen and Ima Robot you'll probably take to this. This first appeared on a demo the band recorded in April 2002, it was also on their self released 'One Piece from the Middle' double EP later that year and finally became a track on Don't Make Things released in November 2003. They gradually building up a decent following so expect to hear more of them if you haven't already.

The Premier Quartet-Blue Jean

In the early part of the 20th century The Premier Quartet consisted of several different line-ups as it was just a monkier used by Edison records to record popular quartets. Victor records also did this and called theirs The American Quartet. Edison have released several compilations including one of foxtrots, perfect for those evenings when you feel like dressing up and sweeping someone off their feet. Get out your gramophone.

You must all give me a slap on the wrists for my spelling mistake that I sadly failed to notice, as I am a useless bumf. All my 78's are scratched because I was trying to use a gramaphone instead of a gramophone.

Check out Blog Ishib which is a music/mp3 blog mainly in Japanese, but a bit in English too. There is currently a 35 minute mix by Colleen of some stuff from the Leaf Label and other tunes, some of it's really quite beautiful.