Thursday, May 06, 2004

Anyone for a late dinner? Stuff yourself

No post yesterday, so extra chunky today.

Elephant Man-Dat Can't Gwaan (Ching Chong Riddim)

At the request of the lovely people at zero-g there's a triple bill of Dancehall goodness today. This track is just irresistible, I can't stop listening to it. I love the combination of rough beats, sneaky melodies, raw vocals and the socio-political subject matter. This kind of dancehall has almost certainly had an influence on the grime/eski scene in the UK. Elephant Man earned his nickname as a child because he had rather large ears. He attended the same school as Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killer with whom he was in a group called Scare Dem Crew at the early stages of his career. Elephant man is now on Atlantic records and you can listen to his new single 'Jook Girl' on his website.

Sean Paul-Bounce It Right There (Blackout Riddim)

No need to introduce this man, and hardly need to introduce the track either considering the buzz surrounding it. Well, well, well I wonder what he could possibly want to bounce? and where exactly?

Vybz Kartel-Tek Buddy Gyal (Tunda Clap Riddim)

Smoother than the Elephant Man and Sean Paul tracks, and more hip-hop influenced. 'Tek Buddy Gyal' has a slick riddim with a kind of squelchy clap beat. Vybz Kartel is on the well respected and worth investigating Greensleeves label where you can also directly pick up some classics from the likes of Dr. Alimantado and Augustus Pablo(great biog)

mm Puuudding
(anyone a Spaced fan?)

The Infadels-Can't Get Enough

My new favourite band and this is just one single, I've heard the album and it gets even better. People will call the the British Rapture, but Bnann's (yes, that's right) voice is much less grating than Jenner's. Logo have already compared them to Electric 6, but their songs are less 'wham bam thank-you mam' than that, less novelty. Live they are brilliant, energetic and fun, I recommend you go and see them if you can. They play London regularly and I believe they're doing some French festivals, dates and info from their website. Come to think of it they do sometimes sound like LCD Soundsystem.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without these movies once you see what's on offer at The Video Beat. Titles such as Juvenile Jungle and the The Beatniks look like excellent B-movie trash. The website gives honest descriptions and uses phrases such as "totally flipso" and "loco-weed" which make it even more enjoyable.

Find some laidback French Electronica at Doxa

The English National Opera will be performing at this year's Glastonbury, interesting choice. I can imagine it being quite nice under the right circumstance, late on a summers evening wandering in a field........possibly under the influence.....hearing a faraway opera....ah, but I digress, pah! it'll probably be nothing like that.

Go and download some Kaiser Chiefs

For some independent UK indie, electro and punk have a trawl through Evil Distro

"So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you"

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