Tuesday, May 04, 2004


This is one of those records that whenever I would play it at a club night I used to do, someone without fail would always ask what it was. It's hypnotic and is an example of how a sample should be used. Givin up' is pop for the dreamy and sophisticated. Released in 2000 on the now defunct PPQ/Gusto, it was made by the people who used to put on a club night called Happiness Stan's, anyone remember that? Hairy Diamond hasn't done much since apart from a single in February 2003 titled 'Torture'. Givin' up is available on several compilations including a cheesy Ibiza chillout boxset, which for all its sins has some very good stuff on and Dope on Plastic 8.

DAT Politics-Si

After 2 years of touring DAT Politics return with their fifth album Go Pets Go, set for release in the UK in June via Chicks on Speed records. When I first put the album on I thought that really it should be unlistenable with some ridiculous bleeps and noises, but it manages to drawn you in with the quirky sounds and naive melodies. This track is like a crazed electronic lullaby and the whispered French lyrics are always something I seem to fall for. You can download some of their earlier stuff for free on Epitonic

Check Word in the Alleys, a new mp3 blog with a slant toward indie.

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