Saturday, May 08, 2004

Please be gentle with me I'm hungover today, my heartbroken friends and I went to see Franz Ferdinand last night at the Coronet. It was very very good apart from having the worst bar staff in the world at the venue.
Short and sweet then...........

Demolished Man-Crodle Freak

I know very little about this track other than its been around for a few years I think it came out around 2002. I have a feeling it is the alter ego of this guy, but I have nothing to back this up. Anyone want to shed a little light? Anyway its a really nice electro tune, enjoy.

The Invitations-What's Wrong With Me Baby

A Northern Soul gem, this was first released in 1965 on Stateside records, discography here and was later re-issued on Mojo in 1972 to cater for the Northern Soul collectors that had cropped up in recent years. If your lucky to find the original its worth about £50-not as much as some other Northern Soul records but still pretty good for those little 7".