Thursday, May 13, 2004

Back on....

The Futureheads-Meantime
The Futureheads-Dalms

I got the bandwidth issue resolved quicker than I expected so, all is back on, please remember to help my bandwidth out by only clicking one at a time-thanks. Lets get down to it then.... i must be quick today though as I've already spent enough time trying to sort this damn thing out. As promised two tracks from the new Futureheads album. Meantime is a fantastic slice of witty cynicism, and should become their signature tune. Dalms comes on like Dexy's Midnight Runners Geno and then enters Jam territory with Futureheads added harmonies and quirks. The album is good but is let down somewhat by the production which is done by the lead singer of Lomax. It doesn't fully show the dynamics of the band is a bit flat compared to what you see live, still these two tracks sound great. I'm told that they've had the album produced three different times and each has been rejected by the record company 679 Recordings, also home to The Streets hence the collaboration that I posted here a little while a go. 679 is actually pretty much owned by Warner music, though what that means anymore is anyones guess, seeing as Warners have been bought out.

Extra special thanks to the man of non-meat variety at Tofu Hut, yep he's back and firing on all canons.


At May 13, 2004 at 1:30 PM, Blogger John said...

Yo honey, this is ALL meat. Y'heard?

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