Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Well, my bandwidth has been exceeded and they've shut my site down so there won't be any more Mp3s until I can get this thing sorted out, I had planned a extra large chunk of goodness today but alas technology has failed me. Anyone got any tips on how to keep it down? Sorry, I will try and sort this as soon as possible but as you may have noticed I'm not good at the technical stuff.

Whilst I leave it to the powers that be to decide if they can sort this bandwidth issue out for me (hopefully I should have something sorted by Friday), I'll post a review of last nights Rapture gig at London's Astoria. We arrived early to catch Sunderland's excellent The Futureheads, and enjoyed their geeky Northern charm and off-kilter harmonies a great deal. My music journalist companions even giving them the tag of "best new band in Britain", I certainly think live they are dynamic, charismatic and energetic. I'm planning to post a track or two from their new album when I get the chance, in the meantime there is some free tracks available on their official website above and from this great fan website. Now I've seen The Rapture quite a few times and in varying venues, the first time I saw them I was completely wasted on free booze and they could've been Chas & Dave for all I cared. The next time was at a 125 capacity dive in Brighton and I was not impressed, having gotten quite worked up with the records I'd heard I was disappointed when there was a distinct lack of something in the live performance. Then I caught them at a festival some time later again not blown away even with an impromptu dance from Bez. But...........last night they hit the spot and for me finally gave a live performance that matched up to the majesty of their records. The packed out Astoria was filled with a sweaty throng of lovers and losers and the atmosphere took the quality of the gig to the next level. By the time 'House of the jealous lovers' was unleashed, hands and arms were thrown into the air, balloons fell from the ceiling and people were united in musical (some definitely in chemical) ecstasy. One question hung over it all though, why oh why was Matt dressed as though he lived on a council estate and popped down the local every night for a couple of pints?

Other Tidbits

Investigate Spooky Records, an Australian label with lots of MP3s to download including some from The Cramps esque Digger & The Pussycat.

If you like your girlie indie-pop check out the audio page of the Track and Field organisation.

You must if you haven't already visit Devics, who make quietly menacing songs to listen to alone.

Oneida Mp3's and others at JagJaguwar

Express yourself the way you should be able to. Google sucks for doing this.

J-pop fans can dowload the new album sampler from New York based Marxy


At May 12, 2004 at 9:33 AM, Blogger James said...

I use these guys. they give me 100GB data transfer a month which is a ton. Ive been using them for a month or so, with no problems, though my site is a bit sluggish sometimes....

At May 12, 2004 at 10:12 AM, Blogger Z* said...

Thanks James, I'll give it a try if nothing works out with my current provider

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