Sunday, May 09, 2004

Time to make a switch

Ok, a nice new look, much cleaner than the last, so please don't be scared of change....
Timi Yuro-It'll Never Be Over For Me

My heart just breaks when I hear this song, dramatic orchestral backing and Timi's deep aching voice sends me to another, sadder place. Yuro had a number of health problems throughout her life, including many to do with her throat but she tragically died on 30th March this year at the age of 62 of brain cancer. In my opinion she should be as popular as someone like Dusty Springfield. Her voice was quite versatile and she sang in a variety of genres from country to easy listening but she sounded best when belting out soul. She was most famous for her version of 'Hurt' (the Roy Hamilton one) which was a hit in 1961 and in 1981 when it was reissued, you can still buy the 7" of 'Hurt' here. There are quite a few collections of her back catalogue around but this one is the best for the soul.

79Cortinaz-Feather Eggshells

So I told myself that I had to stop listening to Echo Beach so much, so then by chance I found a live cover version of Echo Beach by these guys. This song has a mysterious allure, it's kind of familiar because it sounds like so many different things, there's a bit of G'n'R, Afghan Whigs, Tindersticks early Faith No More and others I can't pick out at the moment. Feather Eggshells does rock-out a little too much toward the end though but still now I can't stop listening to this. 79Cortinaz are an Irish band, who have been together just over a year and were formed in Carlow, they write and record their songs in a shed, have a minimalistic website and you should download more of their songs from here.I haven't seen 79Cortinaz live or even seen what they look like but I think they've got potential, they've been signed to a UK indie so I presume that's the place to look out for future activity. Yeah, I guess I'm thinking about heartbreak....


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